SAVAGGI - Rosanna Scimeca
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Cultivating Space for Monumental Creativity

With the recent acquisition of a historic former theater in the heart of New York’s Hudson Valley begins the journey of a dream come true art space. With a great team alongside, I am deep in the process of  reimagining the former Park Theater in Newburgh, NY into a multi-faceted art fabrication theater for large scale art making —art studios, gallery, cafe, workshops, events, residency program, apprenticeships, and live art fabrication.

I invite you to be a part of bringing this vision to life!

Below is my first attempt of sharing this vision with the world.

Follow the progress of the Savaggi project at

Consider making a  donation of any size through the link below.

Donations come in many kinds. All are appreciated. Other ways you’d like to support this project? Drop us a line.

To get a Tax Deduction on your donation, email