SAVAGGI - Rosanna Scimeca
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Cultivating Space for Monumental Creativity

The recent acquisition of a historic former theater in the heart of New York’s Hudson Valley begins the journey of a life long dream come true art space. We are deep in the process of  reimagining the former Park Theater in Newburgh, NY into a multi-faceted art fabrication theater for large scale art making and arts incubator space. A few of the elements to come…  private art studios (sculptural and digital), co-working space, gallery, cafe, workshops, events,  apprenticeships, and live art fabrication, and much more as it unfolds.

I invite you to be a part of bringing this vision to life!

The deck below is my first attempt of sharing this vision with the world.

Follow the progress of the Savaggi project at

Donations come in many kinds. All are appreciated. Other ways you’d like to support this project? Drop us a line.
Consider making a  donation of any size.

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